Email marketing: alive and kicking


In 2014, there were 4.35 billion email address accounts globally. Predictions for the future state that by 2019, this figure will be around 5.59 billion resulting in an overall growth of 26%. Many people struggle to live without their emails, for even an hour. This isn’t that surprising, considering in 2014, an astonishing 122,500,453,020 emails were sent every hour. So…

SSL Certificates- What are they, and why do we need them?


SSL certificates are an absolute necessity for any eCommerce website. Considering the growing onslaught of internet fraud, being safe on the internet is extremely important. Here at Thump Creative, we have developed and manage a number of E-Commerce websites, and we take security measures seriously, which is why we always recommend using an SSL Certificate. What is an SSL Certificate?…