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Apprenticeship schemes- the alternate route to success


As we welcome Charlotte, the new apprentice to the Thump team, it is clear to see that there is an ever increasing number of young people who are turning to apprenticeship schemes. Apprentice schemes are the popular alternative for those leaving school, college or sixth form. Apprenticeship facts and figures Figures released in March 2016 showed that more than 11,000 people…

Email etiquette: How to say goodbye

Business, Marketing

Dear Reader, Starting an email is easy. In the majority of situations, you can use a mixture of ‘dear’, ‘hello’, or even ‘hi’. However, what about signing off? Signing off is the lasting impression you’ll have on the reader, therefore you must think about this carefully. Mostly, consider your relationship with the correspondent, your reason for emailing and in general,…

Thump Welcomes New Business Developer


Thump offers a big welcome to Theresa Bradstreet as our New Business Developer. Theresa has an incredible and extensive experience within sales, stretching across a wide range of industries including travel, computers, cars and advertising. She describes herself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has set up many businesses. What attracts Theresa to this, is the thrill of new start ups…

Flexibility Fuels Originality

Business, Design, Industry, Marketing

The success of many small agencies depends on the ability to leverage flexibility and develop fresh ideas. Taking Thump as an example, each team member must be an expert at his or her job but also requires the flexibility to develop additional skills. Being a small agency, we can encourage this personal development as it ultimately leads to development of the…