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5 easy ways to improve your business presentations


Every business recognises the importance of presentations. To capture attention and truly make an impact, your presentational skills should reflect the standard of the work and your business. These are some of the biggest presentation trends for 2017. Conversational Presenting In a conversation, your brain naturally syncs up and mirrors to your partner. Conversational presenting has proven to be extremely…

Social media: Ready for the 2017 revolution


Social media has become integral lives, and has done for many years. Whether it’s for business or personal, everyone uses it in some form. The digital world constantly evolves, and Thump has compiled the social media channels and changes which will revolutionise life of 2017. Social Media rivalry The Facebook vs. Snapchat rivalry has grown for many years. Facebook has long…


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Virtual reality used to be a fictional idea that was the subject of science fiction movies but over the last few years, advances in virtual reality technology means it is no longer something we think about, it’s something we actually use. Two key factors concerning the emergence of virtual reality are 3D camera technologies and the ever-evolving smart phone technologies,…