The Benefits of Flywheel Thinking

Flywheel Thinking, Marketing

Thump’s Flywheel Thinking is our unique way of working. We unite creativity with data to create emotional content with rational thinking. But what’s the point? Check out some of the best benefits of Thump’s Flywheel Working Process. Self Sustaining Marketing Evaluation is naturally part of all marketing, however, it can involve stop and start processes. This format can be detrimental…

5 easy ways to improve your blog with SEO

Business, Marketing

Brand awareness is incredibly important, especially in consideration of how much internet traffic there is in the digital age. Google has over 100 billion searches a month, which can make it difficult to make your presence known. SEO is the main way to improve rankings of your website in search engines. 66% of marketers believe that improving SEO and growing their…

SSL Certificates- What are they, and why do we need them?


SSL certificates are an absolute necessity for any eCommerce website. Considering the growing onslaught of internet fraud, being safe on the internet is extremely important. Here at Thump Creative, we have developed and manage a number of E-Commerce websites, and we take security measures seriously, which is why we always recommend using an SSL Certificate. What is an SSL Certificate?…