The Benefits of Flywheel Thinking

Thump’s Flywheel Thinking is our unique way of working. We unite creativity with data to create emotional content with rational thinking. But what’s the point? Check out some of the best benefits of Thump’s Flywheel Working Process.

Self Sustaining Marketing

Evaluation is naturally part of all marketing, however, it can involve stop and start processes. This format can be detrimental to your brand by being disruptive. Thump’s Flywheel Thinking offers self-sustaining marketing with holistic and organic growth dependent on your audience.

Cost-Effective Communications

Our process of working can be extremely cost-effective with high returns. The basic principle is focused on starting with a great idea and then growing this holistically through feedback from data. For your digital communications, such as a website, there are lower entry costs with the ability to adapt within development.

Quick Route to Market 

We want to et your brand story heard, however, still in a measured and innovative way. Our great idea is quick to iterate and then growth is measured against audience engagement . Our intelligent analytics will track key metrics including CTR, conversion, bounce rate. This allows on-job learning to get your brand heard in the right way at the right time.

Deep Intelligence into Audience

Understanding your audience is vital in all marketing communications. This understands has transcended far beyond typical demographics. Marketers are now looking much more into psychographics and behaviours. This is the exact type of data we analyse in our Flywheel thinking. We can help you understand your customer desires and challenges. As a result, you can improve ROI with behavioural analysis and keep building the user experience to perfectly suit your audience.

Ultimately, our Flywheel Thinking offers low-risk but high-reward marketing. If you’re interested in finding out more about what Thump can offer your business, please get in touch with us.


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