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The Rise of the Superfans on Social Media

The Rise of the Superfans on Social Media Thump CreativeMost businesses think about how interested their audience in terms of ‘readiness’ to convert. However, this is missing a trick. Are you accepting of your audience in terms of how engaged they are with your brand?

Maybe its time to stop with the sales funnel and switch to the pyramid of fandom that focusing on growing a casual audience up to becoming your superfans.

What is the Pyramid of Fandom?  

The Rise of the Superfans on Social Media Thump CreativeThe Pyramid of Fandom is a new way to consider your audience that starts from a casual audience and leads up to superfans. The casual audience is the biggest level and represents more than half of your user base. This is often where marketers would spend most of their budget to help grow. However, budgets should be spent on converting your Casual Audience group to an Active Audience member. This area is approximately 30% of your total audience. As an Active Audience member, these people have taken some action to indicate that they like your business, brand, and messaging. This could include email subscribers, social media fans, and even customers. The next level up from Active Audience members are those within your Connected Community. This level is where your audience truly start to fill a part of something. As a brand, there are opportunities to build your community connections to elevate your offering. The smallest section at the top of the pyramid is arguably your most valuable section. This section is around 5% of your entire fan base, but they are your most engaged users, hare often repeat customers, and the people who spend to most time and money with your brand.

How to push your audience through the pyramid

Have conversations
The best way to understand your target audience is to have conversations with the. Keep track, listen closely, and always pay attention to how they say, what they say, and when they say it.

Offer a small and quick win
Consider where people enter into your brand and how you can offer them to a quick win. Start small to encourage people to come back for more for the bigger sale.

Get people involved with your brand
Open up your business and allow people to get involved with where your brand is going. Participation and ability to be heard is a great opportunity for your audience.

Build Community Meet-ups
Whether its online or offline, build a strong connected community where members interact and meet each other. 

Give attention
Dedicated your time and dedication to your Connected Community can help people become superfans, even though it’s time-consuming. Whether its q personal video, DM, or any other tool that allows individual interaction, there are many ways to connect. This can often exceed the expectations of your audience. 

Maintain your superfans
Once people have become superfans, keep them superfans by supporting them. This can also help inspire others to become engaged at this level.

Want more than a generic ‘fan base’? Forget the funnel, discover the pyramid, and find the best place to put your marketing budgets with Thump.