The Thump Flywheel Effect

Learn more about the Thump Flywheel Effect offering self-sustaining marketing tactics that unite data and creativity.

What is the Flywheel Effect?

Whatever your marketing objectives are, there isn’t one secret innovation, miracle moment, or answer to everything which will ensure you achieve what you want. In fact, the Thump process can be likened to a large Flywheel, turning and gaining momentum with every turn. With every turn, we learn more and can adjust in accordance to the intelligence we have gained.

Flywheel Marketing

It all starts with a great idea. This great idea is put into the Flywheel, iterated and measure against key metrics and then reiterated back into the process. We adapt and adjust against data and feedback supporting all creative and strategic decisions we make.

What is our Focus of the Flywheel?

Thump is unique with our Flywheel effect as we are able to unite data and intelligence with creativity and lateral thinking. We learn from your audience engagement in order to create unique ideas that are influenced by the data. With our Flywheel, your communications don’t compromise on anything. The synergy of our expertise can offer you thumb-stopping media. We quantify success based on core objectives and KPIs established during the strategy and scoping stages.

The Flywheel approach is applied to all areas of media, from websites to social. As an integrated marketing agency, we have the experts within our team with the right focus to ensure consistency and relevance to your audience.

If you’d like to find out more about the Flywheel Effect by Thump, please get in touch with us to get your marketing communications on the journey from great to better.


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