Thump Welcomes New Business Developer

Thump logoThump offers a big welcome to Theresa Bradstreet as our New Business Developer.

Theresa has an incredible and extensive experience within sales, stretching across a wide range of industries including travel, computers, cars and advertising.

She describes herself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has set up many businesses. What attracts Theresa to this, is the thrill of new start ups and building strategies. She loves watching businesses grow and develop into successes, something which Theresa certainly isn’t short of. As a mentor to start-ups, Theresa helps new businesses flourish and progress to where they want to be. One of her dreams is to be a ‘dragon’ on the show ‘Dragon’s Den’, but for now, she’s happy to help new start-ups off screen!

Theresa will have no problem fitting straight into Thump as she’s an ‘outside of the box’ thinker, the very foundation of Thump’s ethos.  She’s an extremely creative thinker, and is able to see opportunity and potential where most people cannot. Theresa owes this to her 1st class Psychology degree and an Interior Design degree, both of which have allowed her to be creative and innovative.

Although at Thump, Theresa will be focusing on bringing in new business and primarily client-based, she loves the creative aspect of life. She has long been interested with art, and approaches it with the same way she does business. Every piece of art, picture and visual tells a story and by observing little details and nuances in them, you understand each one better and better. With business, Theresa says, it is the same, with different angles providing true insight of potential.

Theresa love challenges, both in business and her personal life. Despite a fear of heights, Theresa is an avid indoor climber and is often bouldering. Theresa describes bouldering and climbing both as a mental challenge and a stress relief.

Theresa is extremely excited to start working at Thump and very keen to generate new business here.  We, at Thump, are thrilled to have Theresa on board with us and cannot wait for all the challenges of new clients she’ll bring!

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