Top Tips for Social Media Stories

The social media giant, Facebook, along with its sister brands of Instagram and Whatsapp, have been able to dominate other apps with the ‘Stories’ feature. Introduced in 2016, Instagram stories allowed users to post photos and videos that lasted for just 24 hours. The success of this feature saw it roll out on Facebook and WhatsApp. Now, all 3 brands boast 500 million daily users, each. Facebook has even found a way to monetise the Stories Feature with over 3 million social media advertisers buying Stories across all of the apps. This captive audience is ever-growing, so how can you get your brand seen on these apps’ Stories Feature? Use our top tips to create the best content for your audience on this platform.

Create Unique Content

For the average user, the Stories Feature tends to be a quick video, selfie, or boomerang. Maybe even using the face filters (another feature that seems rather similar to Snapchat). However, for a brand, this style of content will not captivate your audience. Put just as much effort into your Stories as you would a blog post, organic post, or even an advert. Every brand touchpoint matters, no matter where it is. 56% of a brand’s sales from social selling can be attributed to the quality of the creative execution. The higher quality content the more likely your brand will be remembered. Create content for your Stories that are in-keeping with your Marcomms strategy and content campaigns.

Stay On Brand

Never forget your brand when promoting on social media. A business Story will be integrated with many stories, therefore your identity most be prominent and well placed. Think about the visual hierarchy of your content and how to get the best cognitive recognition. Savour the first and last seconds for your brand.

Consider User Experience

Content Marketing is focused on giving your audience what they want, when they want, and how they want. This is true of Social Media Stories. Create content at the right size to ensure quality and clarity. For Social Media Stories that are almost exclusively watched on mobile phones, content should be created vertically. Try 1080 X 1920 for the best immersive experience into your brand’s Social Media Stories. Also, don’t crowd your Stories with stickers, gifs, and any other added extras. Design your content to be enough without the distractions that can crowd screens, reduce engagement, and be detrimental to your brand messaging.

Calls to Action

You wouldn’t send an advert without a call to action, so don’t put a Story out without anything. 60% of businesses on Instagram Stories use an interactive element once a month. Keep these CTAs simple, clear, and varied. Use the interactions offered by Instagram: get your audience to vote, to swipe, to answer questions. Calls to Action aren’t just about selling, but also understanding your audience and engaging with them.

Advertise on Stories

Stay on trend and relevant to your audience. Offer more social advertising than your typical ‘Sponsored Post’. The immersive experience of vertical advertising can offer your audience something new. Story Adverts act as dividers between organic Stories and offer live linking within the post (a feature that is only reserved organically for verified accounts or for those with over 10K followers). Instagram and Facebook Story Adverts can be focused on different objectives including brand awareness, reach, video views, lead generation, app installs, conversions, or traffic. Advertising on Instagram stories is a cost-effective route to market, however, must be considered and carefully created.

With 1/3 of the most viewed Instagram Stories coming from brands and businesses, use Social Media Stories to keep your audience engaged. Keep it in line with your strategy and dedicate time to the platform. Thump Creative creates social media strategies including all areas of Social Media Marketing. Let us help you from content creation to planning and posting – for organic and paid media. We’ll do the heavy lifting for your brand on Social Media. Chat to us about getting social on 01638 663600 or email

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