What is your website doing for you ?

No marketing, but you have a website? You might have to think very closely as to whether your website is doing its job then. Thump’s new business director, Theresa, tells us the incredible importance of the website in conjunction to a marketing strategy. You could be missing out on vital business.


“All of our business comes word of mouth, we don’t need to do any marketing”

That’s fantastic. Recommendation and referral is surely one of the best ways to get business, especially if the referrer is someone you trust absolutely. However, this needs to be backed up. A new enquirer is going to do their research and conduct a bit of due diligence. This is, more often than not, online. If the online presence is a poor portrayal of the company, neglected and uninspiring, are they still going to buy? How much business are you losing?


A website can be there to inform the buying customer- to let them know full information about products and services, and to give them obvious calls to action so that ultimately they come to you rather than the competition. When was your website last updated? Are all your products and services on there? Do you have someone in place to continually make these updates? Do you have a blog to quickly let people know about new endeavours that will make people want to come to you even more?


Competition is rife- in any and every industry. What sets you apart from the competition? Referral business is still great, but anybody doing their research is bound to make comparisons against other providers. Do you stand out? Is your website an inspiring reflection of the business, the drive and the passion behind it? Are the philosophies of your leadership team clear?


 Once you’ve found your customer base, keeping them is key. It is easy to find someone else who can provide an equivalent/ better product/better price. How do you retain customer loyalty? Does your website provide the means to do this? Are you engaging your customer with news updates, regular communications, a social media strategy?

So you have a website- excellent news. Yet this isn’t enough if it’s not doing what it should. Ensure that your website serves your business in the best possible way – and it it’s not, get in touch!

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