In the past, email marketing appears to have been unable to make its mind up with regard to just how powerful a tool it can be. Yes, it is a great way to communicate commercial messages to a targeted audience but many people have struggled to produce effective campaigns. Why? Because they don’t know how to.

2016 has been dubbed as the year of rebirth for email marketing, but only if people get it right. We’ve had a look at the benefits of using electronic mail as opposed to traditional mail marketing methods and given you some helpful advice on how to be successful in your approach.

Firstly, why should you use an email marketing campaign? From a business perspective, it’s a cheap option compared to alternative channels of advertising with the added bonus of being able to track and prove your exact return on investment. People often claim it’s one of the most effective online marketing tactics but with helpful analytic tools, you can actually prove it. Measurability and being able to track responses to your emails means you can easily find out what works and what doesn’t, meaning you can adapt and modify to boost your success.

Another major benefit is the potential reach of your campaign. With substantial numbers of email subscribers and numerous databases available, the scope of potential engagement is greater than any direct mailing tactic. Living in the digital world where we can access the internet at the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen, with over half of internet users checking or sending emails on a daily basis, it also means this potential engagement can easily become a reality. Although the list of benefits is a long one, targeting your audience and being able to personalise content dependent on your intended recipient and their interest is one that can’t be ignored.

Understanding the benefits of email marketing is one thing, knowing how to produce a campaign that helps you reap those rewards, however, is another kettle of fish. Here’s what you need to consider when thinking about your email marketing campaign:

BE CREATIVE: The design of your email is key to get the recipients attention. Once they open your email, you should make them want to read it!

MAKE IT RELEVANT: You need to be specific in your target audience and your content. Make it personal to the reader so they don’t ignore it.

COPY: Whether it is your brand’s tone of voice or a call to action to grab attention, be sure to consider every aspect of the email and the potential impact that copywriting may have.

TIMING: Do your research on when people open their emails. Sending things out when everyone is bed might not be a great idea!

INCENTIVE: Give your audience a reason to open and read your email. It doesn’t have to be some astronomical offer, just something to make them feel like they’re missing out if they ignore it.

MAKE IT FRIENDLY: Make sure you think about who the email is coming from, what the subject line is, your pre-header text and your headline! It’s not just about a great design and decent copy, people will ignore an email for all kinds of reasons.

INTEGRATION: Make your email marketing campaign part of your integrated marketing communications. Don’t rely on one single tactic, let your branding carry through several different channels for maximum effect.

FOLLOW UP: You’ve seen how great email marketing is and created a successful campaign, just don’t forget to follow up. Using analytics, see who has opened your email and the action they’ve taken and then act on it!

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